I’m Dr. Alfred Mead. Welcome and thank you for visiting!

alfredMy areas of specialties are depression, anxiety and stress. This blog is written to solve people’s stress management problems.

Here I will be sharing everything about stress, how it is hampering our lives and the lives of people around us. I will tell you what you can do about it.

This blog will not only teach you how to manage stress or cope up with it; but will also tell you how to get rid of all the stressors from the point of origin. I believe that most people have two types of stress; one is oxidative stress and the other is emotional stress. Oxidative stress makes it hard for people to achieve control of their health and emotional stress makes it hard to control their own life.

In order to get rid of stress, you must take control of your life and health. You should find out what is causing the stress and try to fight it back. The themes of this blog are centered on developing positive psychology, health, nutrition and managing stress. You deserve to live a happy, productive and stress-free life. This blog will help you achieve that.

You deserve to live a stress-free, productive and happy life each and every day.